So many new things in the works!

Well well!  Couple of things I’m working on while I’m down in FL visiting my parents.

Putting together ideas for a fake website, just to showcase how flashy WordPress is.  I have this blog, but it’s pretty simple, and doesn’t really utilize some of the more “fancy-looking” aspects of the program, the stuff that make people go “Oh wooow, that looks so cool, how did you do that????”

Plugins, baby.

Additionally, I’ve completed work on my very first Chrome extension:  It walks through the page, and replaces any mention of Star Wars with something else.  Later versions will include more characters and phrasing which the extension will detect and replace.  I hope to ultimately get this bad boy to filter out all mentions of Star Wars, delete them, or hide them somehow. But until then, word replacements will have to do. (20 years ago, I would have loved all the SW attention, but since JJ, Disney, and George have all taken turns defecating all over this franchise, I would be happiest if it didn’t invade my internet every waking hour.)  Once I’ve added a little bit more, and refined the code and added some notes, I’ll throw it up on the Chrome Store.

v1.0 in action!
v1.0 in action!

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